CARE about Lamanitis Project

The CARE about Laminitis project is a collaboration between The Royal Veterinary College and the Animal Health Trust, with funding from World Horse Welfare.  The project is collecting monthly information from horse and pony owners accross Britain regarding the animals management, health, weight and condition.  Information is collected online via the dedicated website

Since it's launch in August 2014 until present (January 2015), the estimated prevalence of owner-reported active cases of laminitis was found to be 3.7%.  While these are just preliminary findings, involvement of more horses and ponies in the data collection will ensure more accurate estimates are obtained and important risk factors for the disease identified.

Currently there are over 700 horses and ponies enrolled but they need neared 3000! 

We encourage owners, whether or not their horses have had laminitis previously, to become members of this important research.  Recruitment is ongoing throughout the study period so it is never too late to sign up. 

Visit to sign up today.