Diagnostic Equipment


Left :The x-ray machine one of our most useful pieces of diagnostic equipment. Long gone are the days of the dark room and developing tanks. Our state of the art digital developer and viewer (below) allows us to process an x-ray in just 30 seconds. The viewer has a touch screen and we can enhance and magnify each image to give us the best possible view.


We also have a portable x-ray machine which we use to take x-rays of horses.    Right: x-ray of a horses foot.


Left: we can X-Ray any animal as this picture of a snake shows!


Below: this dog broke the 3 metacarpals in her foot ( the equivalent of the bones in the back of your hand). The picture on the right shows the fracture after it had been repaired with 2 small pins in 2 of the bones.



Tripod Tom (right) had a very serious fracture on the right side of his pelvis. We could not repair the pelvis but instead removed Tom's leg. He did very well after his operation.


Left: this rabbit had a bladder stone which had actually formed in his urethra, making it very difficult for him to urinate.   Below: the stone after removal.