Healthy Herd

At Northvet, we provide a comprehensive farm service.  We aim to help farms improve efficiency in production and herd health, as well as caring for the individual sick animal. 

A range of farm focused services are available to our clients.
Routine O.V. (Official Veterinarian) work such as routine TB testing and export certification is also carried out by the practice.

Health Planning and Maintaining Herd/Flock Health

We can assist with the collection of samples and the carrying out of tests for various disease testing programmes.  We are also able to advise on many issues including :

- Housing and environment
- Prevention of hypomagnesaemia (staggers)
- Summer mastitis
- Bull management and fertility
- Synchronisation for A. I.
- Suckler cow calving management
- Footcare
- Parasite control
- Vaccination programmes
- Biosecurity  

Preventative medicine is the key to producing a good quality product and we strongly recommend herd health planning for all herds.  We are able to give detailed veterinary advice as well as discussing day to day management for new producers.

The prevention of respiratory disease and scour is particularly important.  As well as the initial costs of medicines and increased labour, a pneumonia outbreak will have a lasting effect on your unit due to reduced growth rates.  Affected animals will be more difficult to finish.  An investigation into the problem will allow us to advise you on effective preventative measures to reduce disease risks, inclucing environmental management and vaccination programmes.

We can advise on and carry out testing for a number of diseases including BVD, IBR, leptospirosis and johnes.  Should infection be identified, we can advise on the best control or eradication measures appropriate for your herd.

Flock testing for EAE, CLA and Maedi-Visna can also be routinely carried out.