Owning a pet can be quite expensive.  Pet insurance is a good way of knowing your pet will receive the best possible treatment with help towards the cost.  There are many different policies out there and each one will have a different premium cost, level of cover and excess.

LIFETIME POLICY - As a practice this is the type of cover we recommend.  It does exactly what it says, cover for life.  Depending on the level of cover chosen, your pet will be covered for that amount per year.  Providing you renew the policy each year the pot will refill and your pet will be covered for life without any exclusions.  Agria Pet Insurance only offers Lifetime cover.

If you bring a puppy or kitten (up to 18 months of age) in for a vaccination or health check we can give you 5 weeks free insurance from Agria.  If you decide to take out a full policy, Agria will give you the first 2 months at half price.

Agria's illness exlusion is just 10 days - however there is no exclusion period for illness on the 5 weeks free insurance and if you take out a full Agria policy before the 5 weeks ends, there will be no 10 day exclusion period for illness on the full policy either (which will start at the end of the free cover).

Please note : If your animal has a pre-existing condition prior to taking out your insurance then your insurance company will not cover this.

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