Our Surgeries

33 Junction Road, Kirkwall

In 1861 James Friskan was the first vet in Orkney, although he wasn't qualified. The first qualified vet was Robert Thomson in 1891 .  

There were various other veterinary surgeons over the years before Jimmy Walker became a partner in 1949. Albert Spence went into partnership with Jimmy Walker in 1966 and the business was renamed Walker & Spence.  


Following the retirement of Jimmy and Albert, Walker and Spence became Northvet in 1989.  

In 2006, along with most of Junction Road. Northvet was severely flooded. We spent 2 years in temporary premises before moving back into our brand new purpose built premises in August 2009.



Kirkwall Reception


Waiting Area and Shop



Above : The consulting room is where animals are seen for appointments by our vets and nurses. To make your pets stay with us as stress free as possible we have seperate dog kennels (below) and cat kennels (below right) where we also keep any small mammals who are admitted to the hospital.


Above: The dispensary where we keep all our small animal drugs. It doubles as a lab with our in house blood analyser. This is also where we make up parcels of medicines to be sent out to our isles clients.


Below is our Preperation Room. This is where we get animals ready to go Into theatre. They receive their anaesthetic, get a tube put down their windpipe to connect them to the anaesthetic machine and have the operation site shaved up. We have our tub table in this room which is where we do denials and other procedures which are not sterile to prevent contamination of the operating theatre. We can also bath small pets here. This is also where we have our x-ray machine and state of the art digital developer.


The operating theatre (right) is where we carry out all surgical procedures. This room is kept very clean and contains the minimum amount of equipment. On the far left of the picture is our anaesthetic machine. The operating table tilts, is adjustable in height and the sides come up to form a cradle for animals who are being operated on. To the right of the picture is the instrument trolley where the vet lays out their instruments and suture materials etc. The handle on the light can be removed for sterilisation so the vet can adjust it during surgery without becoming un-sterile. The only other thing in this room is the sink which has a motion sensor tap. This allows our vets and nurses to scrub up without touching any surfaces, such as tap handles, which are not sterile.


Lamaquoy, Harray

Our first surgery in Harray was at Nisthouse and was opened by Albert Spence in 1963. We moved to our current location. Lamaquoy. in 1979. The building you see in the far right of this picture was our original office. In 1989 we built this new building to house our calf hospital. After the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 the calf hospital was closed due to biosecurity issues. Calves are now placed on drips on farm.   In 2006 the building was renovated and the office and shop moved into one end.   We now have our horse stocks in the building where we can perform equine dentistry. endoscopy. x-ray's etc.  


Reception and Shop


Dispensary and Lab


1 North End Road, Stromness

Our first surgery in Stromness opened in the late 1970's. It was located in the premises next door to our current surgery. In 1984 we purchased our current plot from the stonemason who was there at the time and built our new building. 

The surgery was refurbished in 2010.


Consulting Room


Reception and Waiting Area