Losses at Calving Time         


Calf losses during calving time represent a massive loss of future income. In an ideal situation these losses should occur in less than 2% of the breeding herd. In Orkney, from Northvet records, these losses appear to be much higher than the national average at 4.5%, for unknown reasons.

To investigate the cause of these losses Northvet is hoping to collaborate with the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary medicine and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) to run a two year research project based on Orkney farms. We aim to investigate these losses by post-mortem examination of stillborn calves, potentially combined with analysis of feed sources to investigate the possible role of fungi, starting in spring 2016.

If you have experienced this type of problem in the past, and would be interested in taking part in this research project, please contact Rhona or Bob for further details. 


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